Halalan 2013

This year is my fifth election. I have been voting since 2001, the year Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo began her almost-decade rule of Malacanang and the Philippines. I vote during Presidential and the midterm elections (such as this year), but never for barangay elections.

Although I slept late I was already awake by 6am. I opened the TV and started watching the news (it’s the only thing on TV, Halalan 2013). It’s very disappointing, frustrating even, to know that a lot of PCOS machines were malfunctioning. They weren’t probably tested before being sent to their destinations. The testing fell on the teachers’ shoulders.

Sometimes we need to get dirty to clean things up.
Sometimes we need to get dirty to clean things up.

I went to my voting precinct after lunch. It wasn’t as crowded as it was during the 2010 elections. I guess it’s because election is until 7pm and it’s raining, people may have decided to cast their votes at a later time. Voting went smooth for me. I was done in like 5 minutes. There were no lines and the PCOS machine, thankfully, did not reject my ballot. I got myself inked. Just like most people I took a picture of my index finger and posted it on twitter and FB, showing everyone that I exercised my right and performed my duty.

A teammate told me that he will not vote. When I asked why he said because he believes nothing will change. The same people will win, corruption will still be present. I said, “So what?” He couldn’t give me a reason. Whenever he goes on a rant about something bad that involves politicians and government policies I would tease him, “Wala kang karapatang mag-reklamo, di ka naman boboto.”

This is my main motivation to voting. If I don’t vote I feel that I have no power over those corrupt people seating on public offices. Since I didn’t help in preventing them from occupying those offices I have no right  to make demands. But I want power over them. I want to earn the right to make demands, to make them accountable for their actions. I vote because I want to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

So, how was your halalan?


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